Introduction to CK-12!

Interactives, PLIX, and Simulations!

As you may have noticed when browsing the FlexBook, it also has images, videos, interactives, PLIX Interactives, and simulations embedded into the content!!

Please choose to visit one of the following options for a deeper dive! Or visit the Cafe to see what other educators are talking about!


  • 120+ Physics & Chemistry simulations
  • Start with a guiding question
  • Control multiple variables in the “sandbox”
  • Slider based questions
  • Additional real-world extensions
  • Embedded throughout the FlexBook® 2.0 lessons

PLIX Interactives

  • PLIX: Play, Learn, Interact, eXplore
  • 1,100+ math and science interactives
  • Each PLIX has:
  • Simple exploration of a single concept
  • Follow up questions with hints
  • Open Discussion question
  • Links to online discussions & relevant material
  • Embedded throughout the FlexBook® 2.0 lessons

CK-12 Cafe

  • Discussion forums
  • Homework help
  • Answers from other students, teachers, and experts
  • Questions of the Week
  • “I wonder” questions
  • Math Corner
  • Science Corner
  • Jumpstart for Educators
  • Specific state forums