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Environmental Science
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Preschool, Lower Primary
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    Education Standards

    Weather 2

    Weather 2


    This lesson is to help students understand weather, how it changes, and how weather influences what we wear as it changes.

    Day 1 - Six Types of Weather

    Learning GoalWe will learn about weather. 
    Focus Question What do you know about the weather?
    Vocabulary meteorologist, weather, seasons, rain, sunny, snowy, icy, cloudy, windy
    Direct Instruction

    The teacher will ask the focus question to introduce the lesson. Then she will review the vocabulary words. The students will watch a video about the weather at ( 

    Guided PracticeThe teacher and students will practice how to log in CurrikiStudio website, ( to review and complete activities on the weather. This is the time the teacher will observe students to make sure they understand the activities and to clear up any misconceptions. 
    Independent Practice The students will continue working in CurrikiStudio and draw a picture in their Science Journal about a rainy day. 
    Assessment Observation of Mastery
    MaterialsScience Journal, pencil, videos, Promethean Board

    Tier 1 - Draw a picture of a meteorologist.

    Tier 2 - Write a sentence about a meteorologist.

    Tier 3 - Reflect on what you learned about weather.


    Day 2 - All About Weather

    Focus Question Can you predict the weather? 
    Vocabularytemperature, snowy, icy, windy
    Direct Instruction

    The teacher will ask the focus question. She will review the vocabulary words and introduce some different weather conditions that the students may experience in their community. The students will watch a video on All About Weather - More Way Cool Science on the Learning Videos Channel - YouTube. The video will be discussed with the students to make sure they understand the learning goal for the unit on weather. 

    Guided Instruction                 The teacher and students will continue to discuss the various types of weather, weather words, and why the weather changes daily. They will also listen to some of the students as they share their journal entry reflections on the weather. The students will practice logging into Khan Academy so that they can start practicing the weather activities. 
    Independent Practice

    The students will work independently on the weather unit at  so that they can practice the lesson as many times as needed so that they can reach their conceptual understanding of weather. 


    Tier 1 - Group will be doubled-dosed by the teacher at the Kidney Shaped Table.

    Tiers 2 and 3 - Will be shown how to create a Weather Graph.

    ActivityKhan Academy - Weather
    MaterialsIpads, Videos


    Day 3 - Clothes

    South Carolina Standards: 

    2.E.2A.1 - Analyze and interpret data from observations and measurements to describe local weather conditions (including temperature, wind, and forms of precipitation).

    2.E.2: The student will demonstrate an understanding of the daily and seasonal weather patterns.


    Focus QuestionIs the weather the same every day?
    Vocabularycondensation, water cycle, evaporation, winter clothes, summer clothes
    Direct InstructionThe teacher will discuss temperature, weather patterns, and seasons. He or she will illustrate on the board the different types of weather patterns and have students think about what they wear in different seasons.
    Guided InstructionThe students and teacher will sort pictures of different clothing to wear during the different weather types. The teacher will have the students predict the afternoon weather before going outside for recess. The teacher will make reference back to what has been taught in the previous lessons.
    Independent PracticeThe teacher will review the lesson and ask important questions to see if the students understand what they will be tested on. The teacher will check for understanding, answer questions about activities that the students are not clear about, and provide feedback on some of their journal entries.

    Tiers 1 and 2 - Continue working with activities in Curriki and Khan Academy.

    Tier 3 - Finalize the journal entry on the Weather Graph for the week.

    AssessmentKhan Academy Quiz, Weather Chapter Quiz, Journal Entry
    MaterialsiPad, video, Science Journal, pencil, markers



    This lesson is projected to use four days with the students depending on how well they grasp the concepts of weather. If the students are struggling with the understanding of the weather, the teacher can extend the lesson to five days and assess the students on the sixth day instead of the fifth day as projected.