Fareeda Taha
Early Childhood Development, Special Education, Psychology
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Lower Primary, Upper Primary
  • Emotions and Feelings
  • Feeling Words
  • Feelings
  • Needs and Wants
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    Observe and Speak

    Observe and Speak


    Expressing needs is linked to identifying and expressing feelings. The activity's objective is to enable children to express feelings first and foremost to be able to identify and express their needs.

    Expressing needs and wants

    Display photos of children in different situations. You can act it out too.


    • A child feels and looks hungry.
    • A child crying, looks sad, and in pain.

    Let the students explain what they see. The situation in the picture and how the child feels.

    After the discussion, stick 2 pieces of paper with the words “Yes” and “No” and let each student pick one situation and ask him/her “Do you think the child in the picture should say how he feels and what he needs?”, give them a ball and let them throw the ball on “Yes” or “No”. When the student chooses an answer, he should say why he did. In the end, the teacher can have a very short discussion highlighting how important is to express our needs.

    Activity Materials

    2Pieces of paper with “Yes” and “No”
    About 5 to 8Pictures of children at different situations