Nikita Prajapati, Open for Antiracism Program (OFAR)
Physical Geography
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    Geo 1--Physical Geography: Open for Antiracism (OFAR)

    Geo 1--Physical Geography: Open for Antiracism (OFAR)


    Phy. Geo. Syllabus

    StoryMap (anti-racist assignment)

    “Learning is something you do to yourself” -Unknown

    StoryMap Entry for Chapter 1


    LENGTH: 2 - 3 paragraphs

    TITLE: have a good descriptive title; a title builds the foundation of your work.

    CONTENT: One topic from Chapter 1

    IMAGE/MAP: include one image/map and caption it

    Useful resources on how to format a reference page:





    1. Pick a topic from Chapter 1 to further explore, have a deeper understanding of, and potentially master the subject. 

    2. Gather your class assignments and in-class notes on the subject to include in the project as a start point for your StoryMap.

    3. View examples of StoryMaps on the ESRI website. 

    4. Visit to start your account and learn how to create a StoryMap. 

    5. Research the topic you picked from Chapter 1 and write about your findings as your StoryMap entry. For example: the different types of maps, remote sensing, longitude and latitude system, cartography, GIS, etc. Dive deeper into a topic and do some research to include its history and other interesting information. 

    6. Include both maps and images of your topic such as hurricanes images and maps of where they occur. Maps and pictures always need a caption. 

    Elements to include and consider:

    ● Include your sources (at least one for every chapter entry) and always support your claims.

    ● Sources: newspaper articles, ESRI’s website, journal articles, books, course eTextbook, etc.

    Elements to include and consider:

    ● Do not copy and paste information from other sources as your work on this project.

    ESRI Resources:

    Getting started with ArcGIS StoryMaps:


    Planning and outlining your StoryMap:


    You are submitting a link of your StoryMap to me on this submission box. Make sure your StoryMap is published, otherwise I won't be able to view it.