Crystal Munsey
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  • Intro to Spanish
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    Spanish 1

    Spanish 1


    This is a lesson with educational videos about common Spanish greetings. 

    Common Spanish Greetings

    Hola, clase! Today you will learn common Spanish greetings. You will watch the two attached videos and practice speaking in Spanish by repeating the common phrases along with the video. Repeating these common greetings will help you to get more practice with pronunciation and will give you a better understanding of basic phrases. 


    Task #1: 

     Once you have watched the videos, create a dialogue (talking back and forth) in Spanish between two people with at least 6 of the phrases you've learned. (This will be a pdf document in Microsoft Word). *****Remember to include the appropriate accents in your words. 


    1.) Hello, what's your name? 

    2.) Hi, my name is John. What is your name? .....& so on....


    Task #2: 

    Upload your pdf file to the discussion board on Canvas and read two other classmates dialogue submissions. 


    Gracias y hasta pronto!