Arts & Humanities

by Shelly Gilliam 2 years ago

At Yavapai College, Arts & Humanities has 14 potential subjects for which we would need to curate OER stuff. This is WAY too unweilding to cram into an Arts/Humanities group, as we'd discussed. 

Some ideas: 

Practical/physical Art: ceramics, wood turning, graphic design, etc. 

History: Art history, American History, World History, etc.


Humanities: Pop Culture, Folklore, Mythology, etc

Religion & Philosophy

Music & Theater

Foreign/Modern Language

Does anyone have a Humanities class that would not fall under these catagories?

Does anyone see topics that could be lumped together more intuitively? 

Thanks---Shelly & Ginney @ YC

Erin Roper 2 years ago

Could Religion & Philosophy go under Humanities? 

Maybe Studio Art would be a good description for the physical art category. 

Where are Communication classes such as public speaking and interpersonal communication housed?