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Teaching Ferguson to Adult English Language Learners

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In response to the police shooting of Mike Brown and the numerous protests and civil unrest that followed the shooting and grand jury decision, students were eager to learn about what was going on in St. Louis and Ferguson. Students saw boarded up windows walking to class. Some were afraid and not sure of their safety. They were encouraged to talk to staff about their fears and general personal safety lessons were also reviewed. The following is a story based on what was in the news. Suggested activities include: showing videos and news pictures from the web. Circle key words. Alphabetize key words. Ask students “What’s number 3?, 5?” Etc. Students can also do this in pairs. Worksheet of questions about the story. Students can also read these in pairs when completed. True false worksheet. Cloze of part of the story. Multi-level dictation of the story. Matching pictures to key words. Discussion about civil rights history, racism, police, safety.

Material Type: Teaching/Learning Strategy

Author: Angy Folkes

ESOL Earth Day

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The purpose of this lesson is for students to practice and improve English conversation, writing, vocabulary, and reading through the lens of the Earth Day holiday (April 22nd). Also, students can brainstorm and share what we can do to preserve the Earth on a global or personal scale.

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Lesson Plan

Author: Joanna Stratman

Prefixes Say Plenty TV411

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This website gives a short written explanation and plenty of practice for common prefixes. There is also a video on prefixes and other interactive activities for suffixes and more.

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Homework/Assignment, Interactive

Intro to Microsoft Word

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Do you want to learn the basics of how to use Microsoft word? This web site offers easy to understand video lessons. In addition to the audio lessons, the site offers supplement materials.

Material Type: Lecture, Lesson Plan, Student Guide