What is a Group in the Nebraska OER Hub?

by ESU Coordinating Council 6 years, 3 months ago

What is a group and what can a member do?

Groups are collaborative workspaces for creating, curating, and discussing OER. Groups are also community spaces designed to encourage community participation and engagement. Each Group has a title, description, logo, set of members, shared folders, and threaded discussion boards. Each group will have one or more administrator. The creator of the group automatically becomes the group administrator who can then pass or share the role to other group members.

Inside groups,members can:

  • Submit and Create OER - Share and create OER with Open Author. Submission Guidelines and Metadata Descriptions & Vocabularies
  • Curate Resources - Identify quality resources, perhaps by alignments or evaluations, and organize them into folders for the community
  • Evaluate Resources - Achieve Rubric
  • Align Resources to Standards (if permission has been granted to the group)
  • Build Community - Discuss OER and open educational practice through group discussion
  • LTI Connect - Search and save content to their LMS using LTI Tools


What are the roles and permissions of a group admininstrator?

  • Edit the group description and settings
  • Control who can join their group (Membership Control)
  • Manage group membership (Manage Members)
  • Approve resources to be published to the folders for public viewing
  • Delete any content added to the group by other members including folders, resources, and discussions
  • Align resources to standards - permission can also be applied to group - any member can align resources
  • Endorse resource by entity - currently ESUCC and/or NDE, if permission granted