OER Evaluation Rubric Recommendation

by Megan Simmons 7 years, 4 months ago

If you were to add an eighth quality area to the Achieve OER Evaluation Rubrics, what might you recommend? Reply with a description of your suggested quality area in two sentences or less.

As a reminder, here are the seven evaluation rubrics:

  1. Degree of Alignment to Standards 
  2. Quality of Explanation of the Subject Matter
  3. Utility of Materials Designed to Support Teaching
  4. Quality of Assessment 
  5. Quality of Technological Interactivity 
  6. Quality of Instructional and Practice Exercises
  7. Opportunities for Deeper Learning
Tim Wohltmann 7 years, 4 months ago

Hi All,

My additional quality area would be something like 'Degree of Alignment to Accessibility Standards', meaning the degree to which the resource(s) can be easily used for students with sight, hearing and mobility impairments.  As an educator, who sometimes works with such students, this would inform me about whether I could use the resource 'as is' or if I would need to spend time changing the resource so that it was accessible (by adding closed captions to a video for example).