by Alexandria Morgan 1 year ago

For all the openstax books. I can and will edit it to fit us, but I can't find any worksheets that goes with the chapters we need now.

Bill Fanning 1 year ago

Have you considered Odigia? Odigia has ready-to-go OpenStax textbooks on their platform.  The platform makes it very easy to edit content and add your own content.  Odigia has ready-to-go OpenStax assignments embedded into the content and they even have a content and question bank so that you can build new chapters, subchapters and assignments. 

I actually make fill in the blank worksheets that I share with the students. Depending on the information you want to give, these can be tedious but I like making them.

Jack O'Grady 1 year ago

For Biology, 2e, I downloaded some from Biology Corner here are some links from there

  • [up on the top, there is a drop-down menu "Classes" - it has a set by class, including other teaching resources.

Here's a link to my folder; you're welcome to download it and use what you like. Biology 2e, Chapters 1-17.

I also like CK12; it has additional resources, including an embedded book

I'd love some for Microbiology (OpenStax). Let me know if you find any! 

Hope this helps!