Testbanks that can be uploaded to Canvas or Blackboard LMS

by Scott Melideo 4 years, 7 months ago

Has anyone converted the testbank questions for Chemistry or Chemistry Atoms First into files that be uploaded directly onto Canvas or Blackboard? If so, would you be willing to share them with me or direct with OpenStax to add them to the instructor resource page to help others?

Thank you!

Jeff Flowers 3 years, 10 months ago


I'd like to make this more interesting. 

Anyone that does this, I'm offering a $100 USD bounty in Bitcoin (or your choice of Crypto). 

Rules of the game:

  • Gotta be completely open source and available for all to use/modify/etc ( and stay true to any copyright/copyleft/etc needs.)
  • Needs to be posted in such a way that the community can reach this dataset ( github? here? somewhere)
  • Can't be a crappy conversion job - these make a hard problem harder and...no.  Needs to be a decent pass, i.e.:  people would actually want to use this.
  • Needs to be be drop in place for Canvas (why - I have to use this platform...)
  • I don't know OP (Scott) - so this person is the judge.
  • There's a time limit of say Dec 19 2020 @11:59 PM PDT.  After this date/time, this is null and void.  ( If you can get this done before end of Sept 2020 - I'll triple the 'reward'.  )

Lets be super honest and clear. This is a lot of work for little actual monies.  It is my hope that this bounty might help make this happen a bit faster.  Also there's probably the bragging rights of the first time something like this has been done in this space ( happens a lot in software development - so this ain't Earth-shattering, still though). 

I reserve the right end this - especially if it's found to be 'illegal' or someone complains hard.  I'm literally hoping to push this forward a bit, as I think a lot of people would be helped out.  Don't want to get anyone or myself in trouble - I think that this sounds ok overall though (but not a lawyer).

Do all this, get Scott to sign off (or if that's not possible - post everything for all to see), include an address... etc.  I'm rarely on this site - so maybe also try to reach out to me.  I'll try to remember to check back here - but no promises.  I think that you can reach me through this site (email).

Scott Melideo 3 years, 10 months ago

Jeff- That is a great offer. I would be more than happy to review the banks (but can only do it in Canvas). This would take at least a month for me to do (because I am a part time faculty member at my school). 



Jeff Flowers 3 years, 10 months ago

Scott.  I'm hoping this doesn't turn into a nothingburger... Sadly I'm >80(+)% that this bounty goes unclaimed :-/ 

As for the Canvas - I'm stuck using this "platform", so if this can get done by some brave sole to claim that sweet sweet crypto and the glory of getting paid in BTC/LTC/ETH/BVS/HEX/DOGE/POA/etc. Makes my life (and I suspect others) easier all around.  In the meantime, fingers crossed.