Favorite OER?

by Lora Dunlap 4 years ago

Do you have a favorite (or three) open educational resource for Math?

Lora Dunlap 4 years ago

To start, I have really enjoyed CK-12 online textbooks because of their drive to put application in the math upfront, before teaching the concepts. It gives my students a reason to want to learn the math we are about to talk about. I use a lot of their material when I teach live through video conferencing.

Tom Thompson 4 years ago

Lora, thanks for starting a discussion topic.  The current resources in our math group were something of a random add.  There are so many resources out there.  One of my favorites are the Dan Meyer 3-Act Tasks.  They are all Creative Commons.  Not being a current teacher, it seems to be a daunting task to identify which might be the best to include in our math group.  If you have any suggestions of things that would be useful to include, we can work together to make sure they are availble.


Lora Dunlap 4 years ago

I agree. There are so many resources out there!

After two years of teaching advanced math online through live sessions with students, my colleagues and I have discovered what does and does not work as well in this online environment. We nailed down some favorite free online resources and shared them HERE for anyone else during this time (for all subjects at our school).

Since every online school environment is a little different, I would be interested to hear what others have found helpful so far. What works for one teacher at one online school might not work as well for another. It might also be great for teachers to share out what they are still looking for.

My weekly go-to resources have been CK-12 (as mentioned above), IXL, various YouTube Math videos (searched for by topic), Desmos Activities, and for the hard to find topics such as in Pre-Calculus, Kuta PDF's and some Khan Academy resources. I am still looking for great resources in Calculus for example. If anyone has favorites to post, I would love to hear how you use them!

My school always encourages us to explore online OER's. I have realized that sharing favorite resources with colleagues in real time is another great way to discover real gems!