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College Level Reading Support: Readings to Engage Learners

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These materials provide resources for those wanting to assist students with their reading comprehension and vocabulary. See section 1, titled "Overview" for additional information. The Overview (section 1) also contains a common course cartridge with the assessments for these learning materials including quizzes, discussions, and writing assignments. 

Material Type: Homework/Assignment, Lecture Notes, Reading

Authors: Star Boe, Jean Gorgie, Karen Hutson

Diversity of Life (BIOL 1020) Course Lectures

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This course contains classroom lecture content for the instructor to deliver a Diversity of Life (BIOL 1020 ) course. The OpenStax Concepts in Biology textbook was curated and used to develop content for the lecture modules. Concepts in Biology is available in the OpenStax OER platform. The lab components, as links, were curated from Biology OER hosted by the City University of New York. Lab components are found in the Open Educational Resources for Companion to TBR OER BIOL 1020 - City University of New York OER Biology II resource. Text and companion lab resources are documented in the BIOL 1020 Syllabus.

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Lecture Notes

Author: Robert Blaudow

MTSU ENGL1010: Expository Writing

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This open educational resource (OER) was compiled for use in ENGL 1010 – Expository Writing, the first of Middle Tennessee State University’s two first-year writing courses. This OER is divided into five main sections, all of which are designed with ENGL 1010’s course objectives in mind. Each of those sections contains a number of readings related to the section’s topic, with many of those readings curated from other open-access texts. The first-year writing sequence at Middle Tennessee State University takes a rhetorical approach to writing. This means that students are asked to consider how “good” writing is situational. There are no hard and fast “rules” for writing. Instead, there are conventions or norms and expectations specific to particular contexts. In ENGL 1010: Expository Writing, students practice identifying writing conventions across modes and contexts.

Material Type: Textbook

Authors: Amy Fant, Amy Harris-Aber, Candie Moonshower, Caroline LaPlue, Eric Detweiler, Jennifer Wilson, Kate Pantelides, Nicholas Krause, Paul Evans

Writing Handbook and Assignment Modules for English Composition II

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These course materials were designed for English Composition II at Southwest Tennessee Community College (Memphis, TN) by a team of faculty and support staff (Dr. Adam Sneed, Dr. Loretta McBride, Dr. Thomas Cole, & Vivian Stewart). This project was supported through grants from Southwest Tennessee Community College and the Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR). Course resources include:a Writing and Research Handbook with practical writing instruction, links to reliable online writing resources, "remixed" content from other high-qualiity OER handbooks, and original content that helps students successfully navigate the writing resources available to them at Southwest Tennessee Community College, andfive assignment modules, each centered on one major writing assignment and supported by evaluative rubrics; low-stakes scaffolding assignments (prewritings, quizzes, and worksheets); guided peer review workshops; research guides that link to a mix of OER, OA, and ZTC sources available through library subscription services; and other materials.

Material Type: Full Course, Reading, Student Guide, Teaching/Learning Strategy, Textbook, Unit of Study

Author: Adam Sneed

Computer Skills Curriculum For Adult Learners

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This computer skills curriculum is designed for teaching computer skills, MS programs, and Social Media awareness to adult learners. The curriculum uses visual aids, practical application and performance based assessments making it appropriate for ESOL learners as well as native English speakers. Each module aligns with the corresponding Northstar Digital Literacy Assessment. Teacher notes, vocabulary lists, and additional resources are included in each module.

Material Type: Full Course, Lesson Plan

Author: Sherry Lehane