Home Grown Eugenics

Lesson Overview

In "Anthem", by Ayn Rand, Equality speaks of the Home of Eugenics in which males and females of his dystopian society must report to at the appropriate age. To help students better understand the ethical issues with eugenics, they will interact with this informational article from the Huffington Post. This article will allow students to discuss and learn about the issues of eugenics in their own back yard.


Students will be able to access the article from this site: Huffington Post Eugenics Article 

Terms to Know

Define the following terms using the context clues within the article:

Sterilize –

Neuter –

 Procreate –

 Pauper –

 Promiscuous – 


Using textual evidence from the article, how does the author portray North Carolina as a dystopian society? First, identify which of the dystopian society characteristics is being portrayed. Second, find evidence within the article that supports the characteristic.  Then, make a connection to explain the author’s choice.

In both Anthem and North Carolina, eugenics is used to ultimately control the outcome of the population.  How do Rand and Murdock utilize pathos to convince the audience of their opinion about eugenics?

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