E- Marketing

2.1. Chapter Outline

  • Creating an E- Marketing Plan
  • A Seven Step E- Marketing Plan
  • Step-1: Situation Analysis
  • Step-2: E- Marketing  Strategic Planning
  • Step-3: Objectives
  • Step-4: E- Marketing Strategies
  • Step-5: Implementation Plan
  • Step-6: Budget
  • Step-7: Evaluation Plan

2.2. E- Marketing Plan

The E- Marketing plan is a blue print for E- Marketing strategy formulation and implementation.

It is a guiding, dynamic documents that links the firm’s e- business strategy with technology- driven marketing strategies and lays out details for plan implementation through marketing management.

The plan serves as a road map to guide the firm, allocate resources, and make decisions.

2.3. Two Types of Common Plans

The Napkin Plan:

Entrepreneurs may jot down ideas on a napkin.

Large companies might create a just-do-it, activity based, bottom-up plan.

The Venture Capital E- Marketing Plan:

It is a more comprehensive plan for entrepreneurs seeking startup capital.

Sources of funding

  • Bank loans   
  • Private funds
  • Angel investors 
  • Venture capitalists (VCs)

2.4. Seven Steps of Marketing Plan

  • Situation analysis
  • E-Marketing strategic planning
  • Objectives
  • E-Marketing strategy
  • Implementation plan
  • Budget
  • Evaluation plan
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