Arithmetic and Travel Planning

Learning Objectives

By the end of this lesson the learner should be able to:

Identify three places of interest to visit  on a trip to Washington DC  using the internet or printed resources

Create a travel budget to include cost of  transportation, lodging, meals and selected  attractions using the internet to   gather information

Create a five to seven slide PowerPoint presentation to present to classmates either by posting online or oral presentation of one of your selections. Include information one that one selection three interesting facts, cost of the trip and why you like to visit

Lesson Topics

Students will practice searching for information text on the internet about Washington DC including historical information, perform basic arithmetic functions in planning a budget and prepare power point presentation on facts found on their internet

Relevance to Practice

The learner will gain practical experiences in searching the internet, applying basic arithmetic operations and learning some history about the Nation’s capital. The use of computers to gather, process and display information is an essential skills for personal development, higher education success and employment.

Key Terms and Concepts

  • Washington DC
  • Arithmetic
  • Presentation
  •  Budget

Instructional Activities and Strategies

Warm Up

Time 5 minutes

  • Know What Learn activity


Time 5 minutes

Provide a broad overview of using the internet as a tool to find information more readily than printed materials including  topics on arithmetic, budget, history and language arts. Provide handouts on performing an internet search, using a computer and steps to developing a PowerPoint presentation. 

Presentations / Demonstrations / Modeling

Time 15 minutes

The student will sit in front of a computer, laptop or notebook device and perform an internet search of Washington DC.  The student will demonstrate their understanding of using one of several search engines to locate three places of interest in Washington DC.  Basic arithmetic functions will be explained and demonstrated to students in a worksheet activity.  The students will model their understanding of arithmetic operations by developing a travel budget to include transportation, lodging, entertainment, food and attractions to Washington DC.  The budget amount is $3,000.

Guided Practice

The learner will prepare a five to seven slide Powerpoint presentation providing written information about one of the sites chosen to visit on their trip. The student is to  list three interesting facts in complete sentence and prepare a slide on the cost of the trip listing each item.

PowerPoint Assessment

Time 5 minutes

The learner will share their power point presentation with either their peers in a classroom discussion.  An alternative assessment, the slide presentation can be posted online and the students receive engage in online feedback from fellow classmates, friends or family explaining the value arithmetic has in preparing a budgets.   


Arithmetic is useful for budgeting food, housing, travel, clothing and various consumer cost. Using the computer and performing internet searches is practical for finding informational text on various topics including history, mathematics and developing a visual presentation

Lesson Plan

Primary Learning Objectives: (a) perform an internet search to gather information using one of the popular search engines, (b) plan a travel budget (c) practice arithmetic skills addition, subtraction and percent associated with travel budget, and (c) prepare a 5-7 slide PowerPoint presentation

Additional Learning Objective(s):  Discover interesting places to visit in Washington DC, plan a travel budget using basic arithmetic problems

Duration 30-45 minutes

Materials and Equipment

Computer, travel books (optional), paper, pen, and calculator (optional)

Procedures/Activities / Warm Up

What do you know or heard about Washington DC and if you have not been there before what the experiences what you like to discover?  Is the internet a good tool for finding information about Washington DC or would a travel guide be useful?

Activity 1

Have students turn on computer and click on Internet Explorer or any other search engine field and type in place to visit in Washington DC. 

How to search the internet with pictures

Locate three places to visit in Washington and write down.

1._____________________ 2.____________________________3.________________________

Activity 2

Perform an airline or Amtrak train fare search on the internet. Compare the highest fares from the lowest fare. Fares are located on Delta, American, Southwest, Jet Blue or Subtract the highest fare found on your search from the lowest airfare. How much is the savings?  __________

Choose one of the fares to include on your budget sheet and your slide presentation. Write down your chosen fare on a piece of paper or in the column at end of this sheet.  Listing the item in one column and the price in the second column on the bottom of your worksheet.

Activity 3

Search for lodging on the internet. This can be hotel, motel, friends or hostel.  Write down the cost of your lodging on your list with item in one column and price in the second column

Activity 4

Cost one meal for the day by locating a food menu on the internet. Hint: McDonald’s counts but try to find another chain or unfamiliar food establishment.   Write down the cost of your meal?  __________

Suppose on your particular day to eat at your chosen establishment there is a 25 percent discount on the meal if you dine between 3 pm to 5 pm.  What is the meal cost? _________

Activity 5

Decide what amount of money you want to budget on souvenirs and list?  __________

Item                                                                 Cost

1. Transportation                                             __________

2. Lodging                                                      __________

3. Food                                                            __________

4. Souvenirs                                                   __________

Total                                                               __________

Subtract the $3000 minus your tabulated cost from above.  $3000 -- __________= ___________

Are you over or under budget? _________________        

Locate the PowerPoint selection in the program menu. Selecting a background is optional.

Make slides of the one place selected to visit including the cost of the entire trip.  List three facts in complete sentence about the place you choose the visit.  Students have the option to present what is learned to other classmates or post online.   


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