Trauma Informed Practice Modules: Neurobiology, SSHARED, and Mental Health System


This is an intermediate level module for undergraduate or graduate level social work students, or for public child welfare staff. It presents information about trauma related vocabulary, the Mental Health System, advocacy and DSM V trauma related diagnoses.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the module, the learner should be able to:

  1. Describe the importance of MH Intervention for trauma survivors
  2. Identify and define MH vocabulary regarding trauma and referrals
  3. Describe MH service options
  4. List the basic  DSM V Trauma/Stressor Diagnostic Labels
  5. Apply a basic MH risk assessmentBe able to complete a best practice case-based MH advocacy, referral, and follow-up plan   

Download "Trauma Advocacy with MHS" module resources

Use Context

Resources Provided

Face-to-Face class session

Instructor's Guide (.doc)
Presentation slides (.ppt)
Key Info handouts (.doc)
Quiz questions (.doc)

Hybrid (online & in-person)

Interactive Slides, Quiz & Handouts (hyperlink)
Quiz questions for use in LMS (zipped XML files)

Fully Online

SCORM 1.2 package with all module contents (zipped folder)

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