Hands-on, indirect teaching in electrical fundamentals

Hands-on, indirect teaching in electrical fundamentals

Introduction Videoby Kevin Ruby

Every year I tend to see more students struggling with the fundamental concepts of electricity and as such I have been working hard to identify some learning objectives that students can achieve on their own time to help increase their success in this field of study. One way in which I am doing that is by making technology easily accessible to students to practice on their own so that a higher level of complex thinking can be achieved during class time. Upon completion of an electrical fundamentals activity book they will have an opportunity to present to me their achievement and I will then give them feedback so that they know how they ranked with these challenging tasks.

This is an indirect teaching activity that is specifically directed towards automotive, ag, and diesel students. The activity book includes topics like basic laws of electricity and how they relate to diagnosing common problems with lighting circuits and how to learn these basic laws through independent practice.  The learning kit includes materials that students will purchase from the bookstore that will enable them to learn on their own pace competencies that then can be used to complete lab objectives while in the comfort of their own home. This kit has been created by a professional expert in the field of study using proven technology that’s also reasonably priced and allows for the professor to grade such work and provide essential feedback to the students to help increase a higher level of learning and involvement. 

Download: OER outline.docx

Download: Electrical fundamentals workbook.docx

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