Civil War - Photo Analysis

Civil War Photo Analysis

What can a Photo Tell You?

Prior to lesson on north/south....

Teacher would drop this photo into google drawings, creating editable text boxes in which students will research various aspects of the photo, and post a link explaining data  on the photo.  Google Drawing can be dropped into Google Student Classroom and opened as an assignment when desired.   Ex.. Text box pointing to uniform of soldier - Students will find an electronic resource that explains the uniform depicted in the photo and post that sites URL into the text box labeled Uniform.  Text box pointing to rifles - Student will find an electronic resource that explains the rifles in the photo and post the URL into the text labeled Rifle.  Process can be repeated for the bugle, tent, bayonet,  etc.... teachers may decided to be more specific -- hats, jackets, belts. Students are required to find links, read them to assure their appropriateness to the photo, before posting URL.  Upon the the completion of student research, students will use the newly acquired knowledge to write a short paragraph/essay/paper (differentiated based on student ability) explaining what side of the war the photo depicts, defending their decision with cited examples from their research.

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