Fitness for Life Pathway

Physical fitness and nutrition are important parts of everyday life. Fitness for Life will give you the opportunity to create personal fitness goals and make nutrition plans that are useful and fun.  We will explore different ways to exercise and use your personal talents and ambitions to make physical activity a part of your daily routine. Bring a good attitude, be ready to participate, and get excited to advance your skills or try something new!

Course Requirements:

Note: You must complete the Seminar requirements in order.

In order to apply the concepts you are learning you will submit a fitness journal each week. The fitness journal will include activities that you do as well as the amount of time you spend on the activity, the intensity and notes about how you felt. You can include Heart Rate, Respiration, Level of Sweat, Muscle Fatigue and other factors in the notes.

These notes will help you to revise your fitness goals as we work through the course.

Use this Fitness Log. to record your activity.

(Once you click on the Fitness Log > go to File> Make a Copy > save it in your google drive with your name.)

1 - Physical Fitness Basics Module 1 Pre-Test
Background Seminar: Getting Started in Fitness for Life!
Seminar 1: What is Physical Activity?
Seminar 2: Frequency, Intensity, Time & Type
Seminar 3: Benefits of Physical Exercise
Seminar 4: Heart Rate & VO2 Max
Seminar 5: Best Time to Exercise
Seminar 6: Creating Your Own Physical Fitness Plan
Module 1 Test
2 - Exercise ReadinessModule 2 Pre-Test
Background Seminar: Cardiovascular Endurance
Seminar 1: Muscular Strength & Endurance
Seminar 2: Warm Up & Cool Down
Seminar 3: Technology & Fitness
Seminar 4: Flexibility
Seminar 5: Cross & Circuit Training
Seminar 6: Interval Training
Module 2 Test
3 -Injury, Diet and DiseaseModule 3 Pre-Test
Seminar 1: Exercise Equipment
Seminar 2: Exercise Attitude
Seminar 3: Diet & Disease
Seminar 4: Healthy Hydration
Seminar 5: Performance Nutrition
Seminar 6: Injury Prevention
Module 3 Test
Course ProblemExercise Deficiencies Problem Based Module


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