Newspaper Lesson

Title: Newspaper Questions and Answers by Susanne Kimber

Overview:  Students will be able to read and comprehend a newspaper article.  Students will be able to type Who, What Where, When, Why and How questions in Google Docs. Their partner will be able to go into that document and answer those questions.  The students will be formatting their text by changing the color, size and font.


The students will be reading from News for You newspaper.  They will learn about current events while reading out loud.

Length of lesson: 1 ½ hours

Digital Literacy Standards addressed: Formatting the size, color and type of font.  Also, I’ll probably teach some basic computer skills.


New:This skill isn’t new, but using Google Docs is.  

College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS) and/or Transitions Integration Framework (TIF) Standards addressed: RI/RL 2.1

Lesson Objective(s):  The students will be able to comprehend the article that they read.  They will be able to write correct questions using Google Docs.  They will be able to write answers to their neighbor’s questions using Google Docs.  They will be able to format the size, color and font in their questions and answers. They will be able to share their document with their partner and the teacher.  

Assessing Mastery of the Objective(s):  The students will demonstrate their comprehension by being able to answer the teacher’s questions about the article.  The students will be able to write and answer questions about the article and the teacher will make comments during this process.  The teacher will look at everyone’s documents to ensure the students did the formatting correctly.  

Materials/links: News for You newspaper, paper, pencil, computers

Lesson Outline:

Introduction:The teacher will ask questions and start a conversation about the topic we’ll be reading about.  The teacher will find out what students already know about this topic.

Explanation/Modeling: The teacher will read the article with the students, answering any questions the students may have.  The teacher will model how to get into a blank document in Google Docs.  The teacher will model how to change the size, color and font of a text.  

Guided Practice: The teacher and students will formulate a couple WH questions and answers for practice.  The students will get into Google Docs on their computer.  The teacher will do the same using the projector. The teacher will format the color, size and font of a text on my screen while the students are formatting on their screen.

Independent Practice:  The students will form their own questions and write them on a piece of paper.  Then, they will type the questions in Google Docs.  Each question will be a different color, font and size.  After a teacher comments on their questions, the students will share with their partner.  The students will answer their partner’s questions using a different font, color and size for each answer.

Student Reflection on Learning, Closure, Connection: At the end of the lesson, the teacher will ask the students to share one thing they felt successful at and one thing they would like to improve on.  The teacher will remind students to use the WH questions in everyday life as a way of obtaining more information.  The teacher will compliment the students on how well they did using technology because it might be the first time ever doing something like this.


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