Using Microsoft Excel 2010

Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2010


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Overview of the Application

Exercise One: Creating and Saving an Excel Workbook

Download: Slides 1-6 Ex 1.pptx

Exploring the Home Tab

Creating Worksheets

Exercise Two: Workbook Components & Inserting Clip Art

Download: Slides 7-9 Ex 2.pptx

Exercise Three: Creating a Workbook

Download: Slides 10-11 Ex 3.pptx

Exercise Four: Creating Charts with Data

Download: Slides 12-13 Ex 4.pptx

Exercise Five: Creating a New Workbook

Download: Slides 14-16 Ex 5.pptx

Exercise Six: Modifying/Changing a Worksheet and Using the Sum Function

Download: Slides 17-20 Ex 6.pptx


Download: Slides 21-23 Review.pptx

Self Assessment

Download: Self Assessment.pptx

Final Exam

Download: Final Exam.pptx

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