Evolution of ICT for Development


This resource intends to give a general outline of ICT for development (ICT4D). No previous knowledge about ICT4D is needed. The resource focus on major definitions, terms and key topics of the field. It consists of four subunits and a resource part. The subunits are not necessarily building on each other so you might choose which parts of the OER you like to work through.
In case you don't have any previous knowledge of ICT4D, please visit the introduction first. It presents to you the key definitions of the field.
The subunit ICT4D evolution covers the different phases of ICT4D projects from their beginning to today. It includes also a discussion why most ICT4D initiatives failed.
The part ICT4D & openness discusses shortly the new focus on openness in the ICT4D field and why initiators place so much emphasis on it.
In the last unit of the OER - The future of ICT4D - trends of future projects are listed and discussed. In this unit you will also find two possibilities to get active by yourself - a collaborative map and a collaborative online pinboard which are open for additions.
The resources unit includes links to data sites, blogs, articles and to further video material. All references can be found there.


Two possibilities of collaborative work are provided: the first one is a lino for collecting ideas, the second is an interactive map where students are invited to add examples of interesting ICT4D projects.
On the lino everyone is invited to post ideas about "What can the individual do for ICT4D?". The collaborative map collects mainly educational ICT4D projects - a collection that can be explored, edited and extended.

Time effort

Approximately three to four hours study time are needed for this resource (including time exposure for collaborative work). It might take you more or less depending on how long you spent on watching the movies, on visiting hyperlinks and on working through the resources part of this OER.

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