1.10 Classroom Culture: Routines & Procedures


Attached are the procedures for poetry stations. I use poetry stations during library time in April for grades K-6. My procedures are the same for all stations, but I rotate which stations I use based on grade level (K does Ouch Poems, but not blackout poetry, 6th grade does blackout poetry, but not Ouch Poems.)

I let students choose which stations they want to go to and how long they want to spend in each station, but they must show me at least one piece of completed work by the end of class. They get 4 weeks to rotate through the stations. They sign up using their initials on the board and change when they go to a different station.

I take the procedures for each station, glue them on construction paper, and then use a big binder clip to help them stand up on the table. Having the procedures and expectations on the table helps reminds students what is expected of them during the station.

It also frees me to help around the room instead of constantly giving reminders. We do go over every station's expectations at the beginning of the 30-minute lesson.

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