The Argumentative Research Project: Writing the thesis and introduction - Remix4 (view)

Units included with this Open Author resource:

Unit 1: Activate prior knowledge
Learning goals:
Write a cohesive thesis statement that meets CCSS standards, Identify a thesis statement
Persuasive Research Paper
Unit 2: Introduction
Unit 3: Peer Editing
Unit 4: Final Draft


The learner-audience for this lesson are high school international students working on their English research paper. The lesson demonstrates how the successful writing of the “thesis-statement” is essential for writing an effective persuasive essay. The lesson will help prepare learners to write an effective thesis statement which their essay responds to. The lesson shows how a successful thesis statement guides the direction of the rest of the essay and that without an effective thesis statement most essays are difficult to write and to comprehend for the reader. The lesson encourages learners to practice writing thesis statements and to write thesis statements that draw from their own experiences. This can either be taught as a supplement to their English class or as stand alone class.