BlendEd Best Practices Unit Plan Template

Unit Title:

Title and Description

This unit is titled:

The description of the purpose of the unit is:

Content Area Skill:

Add Skill(s)

Skill #1

Skill #2

Digital Age Skill(s):

Add Skill(s)

Skill #1

Skill #2

Duration of Unit:

Add the duration of the unit

Overview of Unit:

Describe an overview of the unit

Empower Learners:

Content Area Skills (NE and ISTE Standards):

List the NE Standard that is taught in this unit

Student Friendly Objectives:

Add the Student Friendly Objectives for each standard above

Empower Learner Activity:

Detailed Description:

Describe the activity of the Empowered Learner section of the Unit

Knowledge Application:

Describe the purpose of the Knowledge Application activity/activities (Formative/Summative)

Artifact Profile:

Title of the Artifact:

List the title

Detailed Description:

Provide a description

Content Area Skills Addressed:

Include the content area skills

Digital Age Skills

Include the Digital Age Skill

Link to Rubric

Provide either a link or the rubric

Knowledge Deepening:

Detailed Description:

Provide a description


List the separate tasks

Task 1

List the first Task

Task 2

List the second Task

Task 3

List the third Task

Task 4

List the fourth Task

Task 5

List the fifth Task

Task 6

List the sixth Task

Task 7

List the seventh Task

Task 8

List the eighth Task

Direct Instruction:

Detailed Description

Provide a description of the instruction

Learning Path:

Include in the table below the breakdown of each day of the unit.

 Day # Description    BlendEd Model  Resources
1   The first day will be to introduce the unit. Followed by a short activity.    Whole Group  


Provide a list of resources 

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