Kitchen Utensils & Materials

Lesson Topic: Kitchen Utensils & Materials

Lesson Description: This unit is about kitchen equipment.  Specifically the utensils' names, types, uses, and the material it is made out of.  There is also attachments and information in this unit on knives and measuring.

Learning Goals/Outcomes:

  • Students will be able to identify kitchen equipment.
  • Students will be able to describe the uses of different kitchen equipment.
  • Students will be able to properly demonstrate appropriate use and care of kitchen equipment.
  • Students will be able to measure all different types of ingredients.
  • Students will be able to identify abbreviations and equivalents used in measuring.

Nebraska Standards: NE.HSE.HS.3.5.A, NE.HSE.HS.3.4.A, NE.HSE.HS.3.4.B, NE.HSE.HS.4.5.A, NE.HSE.HS.4.4.A, NE.HSE.HS.4.4.B, NE.HSE.HS.4.10.A

Teacher Planning:

Equipment/Materials Needed:

  • Examples of equipment and materials
  • Computer, projector & Speakers
  • DVD Player & TV (or can put it through computer if you have necessary attachments)
  • DVD 1 and basics of cutting DVD wks (for introductory class) or 2 and knife skills-basics DVD wks (for advanced class)- I NEED TO LOOK UP THE NAME OF IT WHEN I GET BACK TO MY CLASSROOM (I bought these from the NASCO catalogue) (wks are in attachments)
  • Computers or ipads for students (or you can print everything off and do it with pencil/paper)
  • Kitchen Utensils & Materials PPT & wks (see attachments)
  • Reading a Recipe- Measuring, abbreviations & equivalents PPT & wks (see attachments)
  • Measuring Demonstration Materials (explained in the instruction plan)
  • Lab Materials (explained in the instruction plan)

Time Required for Lesson:

12-14 45 minute class periods

6-7 1 hour 30 minute class periods

Lab Set-up:

Measuring Demonstration- On my demonstration table I have set out different types of ingredients to make sure they know how to measure these ingredients (flour, water, shortening, brown sugar, regular sugar, baking powder, etc).  I also have spoons, straight edge spatulas, bowls, measuring cups, a scale, and spoons out.  For each ingredient, I randomly select a student and they show how to properly get ready for lab, put on an apron, and wash their hands and get to choose from the ingredients that I have out what to measure.  They demonstrate what they think is the proper way to measure their chosen ingredient and then I ask the students to vote if they did it correctly or not (thumbs up or down) and then we discuss if they did it correct or not and what needs to be done to correctly measure it.  I then have them measure it correctly if they did it incorrectly, and then call another student up to do the next until we are finished.  This provides to be an excellent opportunity for students to discuss appropriately and be hands on with the activity.

Knife Skills lab- for this I usually have my introduction students do a fruit salad or fruit pizza lab.  I have a predetermined list of fruits with the specific ways I want them to cut each of the fruit (julienne, chop, dice, slice).  Before I have them go in the kitchens with their assigned group, we review the types of cuts, knives, and how to properly handle the knife.  I then have them go to their kitchens and each student has to demonstrate their knife skills to me personally for a part of their lab grade.  For my advanced sections I have them do a 2 to 3 day lab of chicken pot pie and have them cut up their vegetables using specific techniques.

Technology Use:

__X__ YES               _____NO

Instructional Plan:

Anticipatory Set/Pre-Activity:

  • Pre-Test: Kitchen utensils & materials
  • For the pre-test I have a set number of kitchen utensils and equipment made out of different material set out.  I tell my students to get out a piece of paper and pencil, and number it according to how many things I have out.  One by one, I hold up the utensil so everyone can see it and I have them write down what they think it's name is and what it is used for.  For the materials I have them write down what they think it is specifically made out of (if it is metal- what kind of metal?).

Benefits/Explanation/Career Readiness Standards:

1. Applies appropriate academic and technical skills

2. Communicates effectively and appropriately

4. Makes sense of problems and perseveres in solving them

5. Uses critical thinking

7. Models ethical leadership and effective management

8. Works productively in teams and demonstrates cultural competency

9. Utilizes technology

Activities (i.e. instructions, lesson, lab or project):

  1. Pre-test of kitchen utensils and materials (explained in anticipatory set)
  2. Kitchen utensils & materials PPT (see attachment)
  3. Kitchen utensils & materials wks (see attachment)
  4. Reading a Recipe- Measuring, Abbreviations & Equivalents PPT (see attachment)
  5. Measuring & Abbreviations wks (see attachment)
  6. Measuring Demonstration
  7. Basic of Cutting DVD & wks (for intro students) or Knife Skills- Basics DVD & wks (for advanced)
  8. Knife Skills lab
  9. Review- quizlet for utensils/materials, quizlet for measuring 
  10. Post-test over utensils & materials and a unit test


This unit never truly "closes" because the students use these skills throughout the class. Students apply all of their knowledge and skills they have gained from this unit in their fruit salad/pizza or chicken pot pie lab as well as all of the labs to come for the rest of the semester/year.  

Assessment :

  • Formative: kitchen utensils & materials wks, measuring, abbreviations & equivalents wks
  • Summative:  lab, pre and post-test over utensils & materials, test over everything (utensils, materials, measuring, abbreviations, and knife safety)

Supplemental Information:

Modifications: N/A

Safety Precautions: allergies/intolerances to foods, knife skills, proper handling of utensils/equipment (some are breakable)

Comments (adaptations for various grades/ages, teaching styles, etc.): Easy to adapt/modify- can edit, add and delete things that are unnecessary to you/your students.


Download: Kitchen Utensils & Materials PPT

Download: Kitchen Utensils & Materials wks

Download: Knife Skills-Basics DVD wks

Download: Basics of Cutting DVD wks.docx

Download: Reading_a_Recipe-_Measuring_Abbreviations__Equivalents.pptx

Download: Reading a Recipe-Measuring & Abbreviations wks

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