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This template supports STEM teachers and librarians in working collaboratively to create lessons that build science practice and STEM inquiry skills in alignment with state and national science standards, and that address the Common Core literacy shifts around close reading and building textual evidence.
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STEM Inquiry Lesson Template
Middle School, High School, Adult Education
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Ryanne Dennis on Oct 30, 01:32pm

I love that this lesson brings the everyday use of technology to the forefront and has students investigate further to see the powerful uses of this tool that many of them have right at their fingertips!

Molly Horn on Oct 29, 02:49pm

This resource poses some fantastic questions! Students use technology everyday, often without any thought to the fact that they are using technology. Despite the inundation of technology in our classrooms and lives, many students don't practice the skills they need to utilize more advanced tech - this activity allows students to take a look at technology from a perspective outside of snapchat, tumblr, facebook and twitter.

Madeleine Wright on Oct 21, 12:06pm

When most students think of technology, they think of computers, cell phones and other electronic media. This lesson has students look at technology through a different lens. Students look at the purpose and nature of technology. The focus is how technology is supposed to help us and that technology includes more than electronic media. The culminating lesson gives students hands on experience by requiring students to build a ping pong tower using non-electronic media items.

Madeleine Wright


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