Introduction to Implementation Toolkits

Policy and Procedures Tools describe the necessary policies and procedures required for successful implementation of the initiative, program, or intervention. They are a set of documents that describe an organization's policies/rules for operation and the procedures necessary to fulfill those policies.

Four basic reasons necessitate writing policies and procedures:

  • Operational needs — Policies and procedures ensure that fundamental organizational processes are performed in a consistent way that meets the organization's needs.

  • Risk management — Established policies and procedures are a control activity needed to manage risk.

  • Continuous improvement — Procedures can improve processes by implementing a Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) approach by building important internal communication practices.

  • Compliance — Well-defined and documented processes (i.e., procedures, training materials) along with records that demonstrate process capability can demonstrate an effective internal control system compliant with regulations and standards.

Examples of Policy and Procedures Tools are provided below:

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