Introduction to Implementation Toolkits (view)

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Identify necessary sections / topics within an "implementation toolkit", Explain the purpose of each section of a toolkit as it relates to a stage / phase of implementing a new project, Compare examples of implementation toolkits on social service topics, Create an implementation toolkit using provided templates
SWEC Social Work Training, Implementation Science, Evidence Based Practice, Child Welfare
How to build an Implementation Toolkit
Definitional Tools
Engagement & Communication Tools
Assessment Tools
Planning Tools
Training, Coaching, and Transfer of Learning tool
Evaluation Tools
Policy and Procedures Tools
Fiscal / Funding Tools


An implementation toolkit provides the resources or guidance needed to execute a new practice, program, or intervention. This Toolkit, developed by the California Social Work Education Center (CalSWEC), acts as an introduction to the concept of a toolkit and implementation science by explaining the structure, function and purpose of a toolkit's sections through the example of a toolkit itself. Its various subsections reference additional toolkits created by CalSWEC for public human service agencies and their stakeholders in California. If you are beginning a new intervention or program, these materials will assist in structuring your work so that you systematically define the intervention, communicate about it, and evaluate it. You can use the templates to create your own Implementation Toolkit.