Survey of American Literature: Eng 253

Unit 4 begins with the struggle for American independence and ends with issues of domestic liberty.  Students will read seminal works by Paine and Jefferson, engage in self-analysis with Franklin as their model, and move into the sphere of sentimental fiction with Susanna Rowson's "Charlotte Temple."  There are several sample assignments and discussion questions as well as quizzes and suggestions for group work.

Click here: Link to Paine, "Liberty"

Click here: Link to Jefferson, "Declaration"

Click here: Jefferson Quotation on Dangers of Fiction

Click here: Franklin, Excerpt from Autobiography

Click here: Franklin, Reading Quiz

Click here: Franklin Group Work

Click here: Franklin, "Virtues" Assignment (What do YOU value?)

Click here: Franklin, "Self Improvement" Project (Who do you think you are? Who do other people think you are? How can you improve yourself?)

Click here: Overhead, Codes that Mark a "Sentimental" Text

Click here: Rowson, Goldsmith's poem introducing

Click here: Rowson's Charlotte Temple (1st three chapters here; whole book available free at Project Gutenberg)

Click here: Charlotte Temple audiobook, chapter 1

Click here: Rowson, Quiz to page 41

Click here: Rowson, Questions, Preface to page 89

Click here: Rowson, Day 2 Homework

Click here: Rowson, Donna Campbell Lecture Notes

Click here: Rowson, Discussion Questions Assignment

Click here: Rowson, End of Novel Work: Define "forgiveness" and "redemption"

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