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e·Chinese Tools: Digital Tools for Teaching and Learning Chinese
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Nowadays, the use of technologies is deeply embedded in the teaching and learning of foreign languages. Therefore, students and teachers are compelled to continuously update their digital skills. Moreover, the need for online teaching has been spurred by the COVID pandemics, which has posed new challenges in this regard. When searching for online tools, one of the main difficulties is the vast amount and disparity of resources available to both teachers and students, who often feel overwhelmed due to the lack of time or assessment criteria. In such cases, the potential of existing resources remains largely unexplored. In this context, we developed an online open access database of digital resources for Teaching and Learning Chinese as a Foreign Language. It includes a collection of metadata to satisfy users with different profiles and needs. In sum, we set up a multilingual (Catalan, Spanish, English and Chinese) and dynamic website, which can be useful for both teachers and learners who, in turn, will be able to enrich it through different types of feedback. Check our website and subscribe to our newsletter to be informed of the latest resources added to the database.

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Language Education (ESL)
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Antonio Paoliello
Helena Casas-Tost
Mireia Vargas-Urpí
Sara Rovira-Esteva
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