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Drawing in Class
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Activities For Post-Secondary Educators and Students

Short Description:
Drawing in class is often seen as a distraction to learning. We are here to change that, with a series of activities designed to get both students and teachers benefiting from the power of visual thinking through drawing.

Long Description:
Communicating visually, through drawing, is a core practice to many fields and endeavors. However, in the world of post-secondary educators, it can be seen as fraught with peril. The barrier of one’s perceived drawing ability, on top of managing a lecture or facilitating a discussion, often means educators are hesitant to take advantage of a visual practice to its most benefit. This is a missed opportunity, but the situation is changing. More people are realizing the power of drawing as an extension of thinking, taking advantage of how the act of drawing generates new ideas and reveals unseen connections.

Quite simply, Drawing in the Classroom, generates learning.

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Simon Fraser University
Jason Toal
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