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Copyright History [learning module]
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This interactive learning module explores the history of copyright right from the “Battle of the Book” in the 6th century, through the invention of the printing press; and up to the 1968 Australian Copyright Act. It aims to provide an understanding of why the laws were necessary and what their implications are for today’s world. After completing this module, students should be able to:

* explain the drivers for and rationale of early copyright legislation;
* understand the impact of the printing press on historical concepts of authorship and copyright legislation;
* define modern copyright; interpret Australian copyright principles;
* evaluate the suitability of current copyright and
* defend the need for copyright reform in the future.

This module can be downloaded and embedded in course sites.

Please note: a few of the supplementary/additional (non-core) resources linked to in this resource are restricted to University of South Australia staff and students. These have been clearly annotated. This module has been created using H5P software.

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