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Paging Dr. Google: How to Use Digital Health Information for Conversations with Health Providers
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According to a 2012 study, 81% of U.S. teenagers reported looking at online health information for their needs (Park & Kwon, 2018). For this reason, it is increasingly important to consider ways to promote and model effective digital health literacy. This module is designed not to dissuade adolescents from using digital resources to find health information, but rather equipping them with the tools to find reputable resources and responsibly use them to inform conversations with their health providers. This learning module is divided into three sub-modules (each 20-30 min in length) that are designed to be taught in separate sessions, or as part of a singular digital health literacy workshop/bootcamp. Please feel free to use any parts of this module that you feel could best empower your students to actively engage in their health and wellness.

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Karan Mirpuri
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