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Interrupting bacterial communication can help prevent clogs in gas biofilters
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This resource is a video abstract of a research paper created by Research Square on behalf of its authors. It provides a synopsis that's easy to understand, and can be used to introduce the topics it covers to students, researchers, and the general public. The video's transcript is also provided in full, with a portion provided below for preview:

"Gas biofilters can help remove harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the air through the action of microorganisms immobilized on the filler surface. However, unchecked growth of these microbes can clog the filters, reducing filtration performance. Quorum quenching (QQ) is known to impair bacterial biofilm formation by disrupting bacterial communication, but it’s unclear whether it can prevent microbial clogging of gas biofilters. To find out, researchers recently operated gas biofilters with and without the QQ bacterium Rhodococcus sp. BH4 in parallel. Both the normal biofilter and the QQ biofilter removed aromatic compounds from the air, but the QQBF accumulated less biomass and functioned more stably. The bacteria in the QQBF made lower amounts of extracellular polymeric substances (EPSs) thus producing a less-adhesive biofilm that degraded more easily . The QQ biofilter also had lower abundance of quorum-sensing bacteria and quorum-sensing genes. Although the mechanism of Rhodococcus sp..."

The rest of the transcript, along with a link to the research itself, is available on the resource itself.

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"Misinformation about the health system in Colombia”
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Misinformation is one of the most warming issues when refering to how health system works. Moreover, based on CBI and using skill integration, students are going to be able to understand basic facts about healthcare.

Health, Medicine and Nursing
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Yesenia Rojas Castillo
Luisa Caicedo T.
Angeles Cruz
Paula Gómez
Laura Karina Becerra Rodríguez
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