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ISKME GoPro Learning Challenge Submission Example
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I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about how I could incorporate video into my own learning processes, and wondered, if I were to participate in the ISKME GoPro Learning Challenge, what would I want to create? I looked back to the very first time I really started using video in my daily life, and, surprise surprise, it was to create a teaching tool for myself.

I’m a dancer, and for years I’d practiced dancing in my bedroom, sometimes in front of a mirror. But I’d never recorded myself dancing. Once I did, I realized it could have a tremendous impact on my skill level as a dancer. Especially when preparing for a performance, the videos enabled me to see my weaknesses and memorize choreography more readily.

My great idea is to use GoPro to record myself and my fellow students as we learn new choreography, and to share those videos with each other and with our teacher so we can track and measure our progress, and receive personalized feedback.

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