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Easy to understand approach and management of ict training sessions
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The guidelines for trainers "Easy to understand approach and management of ict training sessions" contains practal and methodological suggestions about how to organize and deliver easy to understand training courses for people with low literacy skills (people with learning disability, elderly, migrants etc.) on the topic of ICT.

It is based on the use of the easy to read and to understand user manual about the basics of ICT "Basics of the use of computer and ICT".

The reader will learn how to deliver high quality accessible workshops on a wide range of ICT topics, including both introductory workshops (i.e., how to turn on and off computers, how to use mouse and keyboard) and more advanced ones (how to edit a video and write a CV online), using an easy to understand approach.

First, readers will be introduced to the general methodology and guidelines for using the handbook, while the following chapters will go into more details, providing the specific guidelines for the development of each module of the handbook. Each learning module includes a description of the objectives, a suggested methodology, an activity summary, and criteria for evaluating the activity. This enables step-by-step guidance through each activity and, as a result, the successful completion of each workshop. At the end of these guidelines, you will find a chapter about self-assessment, an important step for learners’ self-evaluation in your ICT training: learners will be able to assess their knowledge via the self-assessment activities suggested.

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Anna Krasnowska
Beatrice Umbrasaite
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Eleonora Di Liberto
Giulia Messina
Julián Antonio Díaz-Toledo Gómez
Kaja Vaabel.
Malle Oberpal
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Rosa Sánchez López-Guerrero
Sagrario López Sánchez
Sandra Belchior
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Wojciech Rogalski
Zivile Paulauskaite
Deimante Bakaityte
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