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Word Processing Simulation Using Project Management
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Students will correctly key specific documents that have previously been taught by using a simulation provided from a Computer Applications and Keyboarding textbook. This lesson is not specific to a particular textbook, however, the example provided is from the Century 21 Computer Applications and Keyboarding Textbook, 8th edition. Simulations give students a real-world practice and by adding project management techniques, students can practice working together to complete a long assignment. The class should be divided into teams of 3-4 students. They will choose a group leader and then complete the person responsible column on the provided pdf handout. Students should assess the qualities that each bring to the table and use that to their advantage. Once this has been done, they should decide on the due date for each job and list the date in the completed column and, finally, who will be editing/proofreading the document before the group leader submits for grading. Students are allowed to use their notes and the FBLA format guide, which can be found on the FBLA-PBL.org website, for this project.

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