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Leveling up the learning experience for civil engineering students
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This resource is a video abstract of a research paper created by Research Square on behalf of its authors. It provides a synopsis that's easy to understand, and can be used to introduce the topics it covers to students, researchers, and the general public. The video's transcript is also provided in full, with a portion provided below for preview:

"In a civil engineering class in Ireland, college students take their seats, open their tablets, cell phones, or laptops, and choose jerseys. They’re gearing up for a mad dash across Europe – cycling hard over hills and speeding through valleys – as they compete for best standing in Le Tour de France. To win the race, they need to answer questions on topics like structural engineering and stress analysis. But the game isn’t really about winning – it’s about making learning more effective, interactive, and fun. Designed by University College Dublin civil engineering professor Arturo Gonzalez, ‘Surviving Le Tour de France’ is a real-time assessment tool that improves the educational experience of both students and teachers alike. It works like this. A teacher prepares lectures and accompanying questions, which are delivered in stages. Each stage corresponds to a different leg of a simulated cyclist race that progresses over the course of a semester..."

The rest of the transcript, along with a link to the research itself, is available on the resource itself.

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