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Substantial overlap between symptomatic and asymptomatic genitourinary microbiota states
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This resource is a video abstract of a research paper created by Research Square on behalf of its authors. It provides a synopsis that's easy to understand, and can be used to introduce the topics it covers to students, researchers, and the general public. The video's transcript is also provided in full, with a portion provided below for preview:

"What constitutes a healthy genitourinary microbiome? We’re not exactly sure, which can make diagnosing UTIs difficult, especially when conventional tests reveal nontraditional pathogens or low bacteria levels in urine from patients experiencing symptoms. To learn more about healthy microbiome states, researchers recently used shotgun metagenomics to characterize the urinary microbial profiles of 30 asymptomatic volunteers. The microbial taxonomic groups and functions fluctuated over time, indicating the dynamic nature of the microbiome. The researchers also compared the asymptomatic profiles to urine samples from 122 patients with UTI symptoms. Interestingly, most of the suspected-UTI profiles overlapped with the asymptomatic profiles. In addition, suspected-UTI samples with insignificant or no culture growth had WBC counts indicating inflammation, suggesting that bacterial presence alone doesn’t explain the onset of clinical UTI symptoms..."

The rest of the transcript, along with a link to the research itself, is available on the resource itself.

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