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Statistics Using Technology
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This textbook follows the GAISE Standards (GAISE recommendations. (2014, January
05). To this end, students are asked to interpret the results of their calculations. I incorporated the use of technology (R Studio) for most calculations. Because of that you will not find the book using any of the computational formulas for standard deviations or correlation and regression since I prefer students understand the concept of these quantities. Also, because of utilizing technology you will not
find the standard normal table, Student’s t-table, binomial table, chi-square distribution table, and F-distribution table in the book. Another difference between this book and other statistics books is the order of hypothesis testing and confidence intervals. Most books present confidence intervals first and then hypothesis tests. This book presents hypothesis testing first and then confidence intervals is more understandable for students. Lastly, the use of the z-test is deemphasized. Two samples should be emphasized over one sample test. Lastly, to aid student understanding and interest, most of the homework and examples utilize real data with multiple variables. The beauty of multiple variables, is that you can ask the students to investigate different analysis with different variables. This way students can work with data and come up with connections
of asking questions and using data to answer the questions. Again, I hope you find this book useful for your introductory statistics class.

Statistics and Probability
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Coconino Community College
Kathryn Kozak
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