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APSC 100 Tiny House Project – Simple Book Publishing
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This book was created to support Project 677 in APSC 100 in the Faculty of Engineering at Queen’s University during the winter term of 2019, and is being updated and expanded to support Project 725 in Winter 2021. It provides a publicly visible collection of information that will help with this design project. Use of these resources elsewhere under the CC license is encouraged, but not supported. The contents of this book will grow and change over the term. Please fell free to add your comments or questions in any of the sections and I will try to address them.

The resources in this book are not comprehensive and are only intended to provide a starting point to explore design options. In particular, there will be many examples illustrated by single products that are not the only, or even the best solutions for a particular application. You will need to go well beyond the contents of this book to make your independent design decisions.

The models used for building heat transfer are very much simplified for an introduction to the ideas and should be used cautiously. Design of actual building systems should be undertaken in much greater detail. The target here is to use models that don’t require you to learn any new physics.

The secondary reason this book exists is to give me some practice using PressBooks to develop Open Educational Resources (OER). Some of the files that are linked from this book are on Google Drive, and some are on GitHub.

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Rick Sellens
Rick Sellens
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