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Chemistry Education Research and Practice
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Chemistry Education Research and Practice (CERP) is the journal for teachers, researchers and other practitioners at all levels of chemistry education. It is published free of charge, electronically, four times a year; coverage includes the following:

-Research, and reviews of research, in chemistry education
-Evaluations of effective innovative practice in the teaching of chemistry
-In-depth analyses of issues of direct relevance to chemistry education

The objectives of the journal follow:

-To provide researchers with the means to publish their work in full in a journal exclusively dedicated to chemistry education
-To offer teachers of chemistry at all levels a place where they can share effective ideas and methods for the teaching and learning of chemistry
-Most importantly, to bridge the gap between the two groups so that researchers will have their results seen by those who could benefit from using them, and practitioners will gain from encountering the ideas and results of those who have made a particular study of the learning process

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