Accessible Content for All: Building Equity & Engagement with Tech Tools

Assessing Your District's Technology Accessibility Profile

How do you know what technology tools are available in your district to address accessibility needs?  It's good practice to start with the accessibility features that are already embedded in digital platforms, such as Microsoft, Google, and Apple iOS.  Some districts purchase additional 3rd party curricula or software programs that have more robust features to support student learning.  Where do I start to determine my district's accessibility needs?

Session Objective:

1. Assess your school district or organization's tech accessibility profile as a starting point for goal-setting for improvement.

    The Special Education Technology Center (SETC) has created a Tech Accessibility Profile form to help you and your school team assess how your district technology supports equitable access to educational materials. This will help you to identify your current accessibility baseline and inform goal setting for the future! Take a few minutes to read through this Tech Accessibility Profile.  What team members can you gather to consider, discuss and fill out this form for your district?

    Tech Accessibility Profile Page 1


    Tech Accessibility Profile Page 2

    What does this look like in a school district? 

    Burlington Edison talks about how they provide tech tools to support accessibility. 

    Making Curriculum Content Accessible with Tech - Burlington Edison (2:13 min)

    Reflection Question: 

    1.  How will I present this Tech Accessibility Profile in my district/organization and how might this assist my team on our accessibility growth journey?

    2. Fill out this Self Assessment Rubric to gain more insight into your mastery of this section.

    level 1

    level 2

    level 3

    I reviewed the Tech Accessibility Profile and understand the main ideas.I studied the Tech Accessibility Profile document and identified at least one area to focus my efforts in my school district or organization.I set up a meeting with one administrator to discuss creating a team to fill out the Tech Accessibility Profile for my district or organization.


    • Digital Platform - is a structured learning system that provides an accessible library of online resources including courses, multimedia content, archives and evaluations.
    • Learning Management System - is a software application or web-based technology that provides a framework to facilitate the learning process.
    • Accessible Technology Tools - are universal support technology tools that are available to all students to support a wide range of educational needs.  Accessible technologies may include supports such as text to speech, speech to text, word prediction, graphic organizer and translation tools.
    • AT Consideration Process - The process of considering if a student requires Assistive Technology (AT) to make progress toward academic and IEP goals, as well as have access to core grade-level curriculum.