Accessible Content for All: Building Equity & Engagement with Tech Tools

Converting Printed Text to an Accessible Digital Format

Have you ever struggled with finding time or effective tools to convert paper worksheets and printed textbook pages to an accessible format?  This can be a barrier for students who need accessible digital formats because they have difficulty reading or writing in the traditional formats.  This module will review tools to help make that process easier for you and your students!

Section Objective:

  • Compare and contrast tech tools for converting printed text to accessible digital format on the fly.

Review Tip 5 in the document 8 Tips to Make Curriculum Content Accessible

3 Tech Tools to Convert Printed Text into Accessible Digital Format on the Fly:

Microsoft Lens

Microsoft Lens (1:58 min.)


Claro Pdf Pro

How to Use Claro PDF (11:09 min.)


SnapType Pro App

  • SnapType Pro (4:19 min.)

Review these SETC resource web pages for more information on:

Making Worksheets Accessible - this webpage highlights how to convert printed worksheets in reading, writing and math into accessible documents that be edited to complete the work digitally. This is essential for students who struggle to use paper and pencil. Tech tools are reviewed to convert documents using Microsoft, Google and iOS platforms.  A powerful free Google extension to complete worksheets digitally is Kami. Kami provides accessible annotation tools to digitally complete worksheets.

Converting Worksheets with iPad - an iPad provides an easy and quick method for taking pictures of worksheets or textbook pages and converting them to accessible digital format using optical character recognition (OCR).  The 3 best apps are highlighted with the videos above:  Microsoft Lens, Claro PDF Pro and SnapType Pro.


1. What's one strategy you can use to support students who can't access print materials? 

2. Reflect on the Self Assessment Rubric below as you think about applying your learning to your instructional practice. Where are you on the continuum?

level 1

level 2

level 3

I have a general understanding of tech tools for converting printed text to accessible digital formatI watched the videos and explored at least one app for converting printed text to accessible digital format.I successfully converted printed text to accessible digital format with one app and plan to implement this app in my classroom and share with my colleagues.


  • OCR - Optical Character Recognition is a method for scanning text and using text recognition to convert a picture of that text into a format that can be read aloud and edited.
  • Annotation - a note or drawing added to an image, diagram, or document.