Accessible Content for All: Building Equity & Engagement with Tech Tools

Built-in Accessibility Features Across Platforms

Students who need accessibility tools don't need to wait for their district to complete a formal evaluation or buy expensive software.  The built-in accessibility features of Apple, Google, and Microsoft have improved significantly in recent years, making it easy for anyone to access these tools.  During this module, open your favorite platform and try out some accessibility features! 

Section Objective: 

  • Identify at least two built-in accessibility features in the computer platform you use the most.

Learn About Built-in Accessibility Features

The Center for Applied Special Technologies (CAST) has created this video to give you an overview:  Features We Can Start Using Today (9:25 min.)

Features We Can Start Using Today (9:25 min)

Learn more about Accessibility Tools Across Platforms

Try out Built-in Accessibility Features

Choose one platform that you use the most and explore the built-in accessibility tools:

Microsoft Accessibility

Google Chrome Accessibility

Apple - iOS Accessibility

Headphones with microphone


Read aloud speaker

Magnifying glass


Learning Management Systems (LMS)

You may wonder about the accessibility of your school's Learning Management System (LMS).  Often students need to navigate their district's LMS to get access to curriculum content and they may encounter barriers.  Learn more about  Accessibility of Learning Management Systems for Distance Learning

What would this look like in my classroom?

Google Classroom Accessibility Empowers Inclusive Learning (2:27 min.)


1. What's one way you can integrate a built-in accessibility feature into a class lesson for all students to benefit?

2. Reflect on the Self Assessment Rubric below as you think about applying your learning to your instructional practice. Where are you on the continuum?

level 1

level 2

level 3

I have a general understanding of built-in accessibility tools in my preferred platformI watched the CAST video on "features we can start learning today" and explored the accessibility tools in my preferred platform..I planned a class lesson on one of the built-in accessibility features.


  • Computer Platform - A computer or hardware device and/or associated operating system, or a virtual environment, on which software can be installed or run. 
  • Learning Management System - is a software application or web-based technology that provides a framework to facilitate the learning process.