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Special Education
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  • Ending Punctuation
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    Ending Punctuation


    This lesson is designed for students with disabilities to assist them in comprehending what a text, passage, or sentence is saying, asking, or the emotion exhibited. This lesson will help students comprehend and understand at a rate commensurate with their peers.

    Ending Punctuation Usage

    In this lesson, students will:

    Use a period, .,  to end a sentence.

    Use a question mark, ?,  to ask a question in a sentence.

    Use an exclamation point, !,  to show excitement or fear in a sentence.

    Students will recite a sentence using the tone of the punctuation at the end of the sentence.



    Period, Question Mark and Exclamation Point

    Ending punctuation is crucial to comprehending what is written, what is being said, and what is being asked and how the writer is feeling.  This lesson has helped my students with disabilities comprehend texts and passages and have assisted them in their written expression IEP goals.  


    Ending Punctuation



    Students will use a period, question mark and exclamation point to interpret and comprehend sentences.


    1.      The end of the grading period is March 21, 2023.

    2.      When is the end of the grading period for the 3rd Quarter?

    3.      Ms. Brown has not entered all of my grades for the 3rd Quarter!

                                                  Endng Punctuations Usage

    Period-used at the end of a complete sentence.

    Question Mark-used at the end of a sentence asking a question.

    Exclamation Point-used at the end of a sentence showing emotions (i.e. fear, anxiety, etc.)