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Sun Inspired Designs

Sun Inspired Designs


This resource was created by Jeanine Figueroa, in collaboration with Dawn DeTurk, Hannah Blomstedt, and Julie Albrecht, as part of ESU2's Integrating the Arts project. This project is a four year initiative focused on integrating arts into the core curriculum through teacher education, practice, and coaching.

Arts Integration Lesson Plan


Lesson Title:
Content Area: SpanishFine Arts Area: Visual Arts
Grade Level: HSTeacher:  Jeanine Figueroa


Standards and Alignment
Content Area Standard:FLL .2.1 Students demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between the practices and perspectives of the culture studied.FLL.2.2 Students demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between the products and perspectives of the culture studied.Fine Arts Standard:FA 12.2.1.f  Demonstrate respect for accepted procedures regarding responsible care of equipment and materials (glossary).
Key Vocabulary:Coil (snake-like)Slab (flattened piece of clay)Texture (the way something looks/feels)Materials List:Sculpey ClayToothpicks


Lesson Delivery
First we will discuss the Suns of Metepec. I will give them a brief history of it and show them examples. I have a slide presentation for them.
  1. Objective: Create a sun inspired by the traditional designs of Metepec, Mexico.
  2. Essential Question: How can the traditions and art of other cultures influence the        way we create works of art?
Before students begin, explain the fine arts vocabulary:
  1. Then demonstrate how to make a coil, rolling out a piece of clay into a snake-like form. Show how the coil could be used to add interesting details to their work of art.
  2. Then demonstrate how to make a slab of clay, which is a flattened piece of clay. This could be the base, the sides, or can be used to add interesting details to their work of art.
Students can also use toothpicks (or even other “tools” like pencils, etc) to add detailed carvings and textures to their work of art.Once they are familiar with the techniques they can use, students can choose their color(s) and begin creating.


Assessment and Reflection
Content Assessment: Students created their own suns that represented them.Arts Assessment:Students used techniques that were taught to them.
Student Reflection:The students had a blast and enjoyed creating their own suns.Teacher Reflection:I felt like the lesson went well but the students were half paying attention and they were just antsy and ready to create their own suns.



Visuals and Handouts
Metepec, Mexico slides with examples.