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This unit plan is designed to spark students’ interest in critical thinking and scientific discovery. This unit is based on the book, “Survival of the Sickest: A medical maverick discovers why we need disease” by Jonathan Prince and Sharon Moalem. The book explores the evolution of different diseases throughout its eight chapters. The lesson plan is designed to take about 21 days (50-minute class periods). For this book, the class reads the Prologue together. Then, groups of students are assigned a chapter that they will teach to the class. Their teaching will include a presentation, activity, and facilitated discussion. (The unit plan helps the students learn how to do each of these tasks.) A final project is included at the end of the unit - a book review of the entire book.  The summative grade for this unit is multi-part - the teaching assignment and the book review. Three quizzes are included, which would also be small summative grades. The notes packets and teaching planning sheets are all formative grades. A team member peer review is another part of the project. 
Health, Medicine and Nursing, Career and Technical Education
High School
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Audrey Foster on Jun 14, 10:04pm

2023 - 2024 Nebraska High School Standards
HS.HS.6.1.b - Identify current trends in healthcare and how they impact healthcare and society.
HS.HS.6.2.b - Describe ethical practices with respect to cultural, social, and ethical differences within the healthcare environment.
HS.HS.6.3.e - Demonstrate characteristics of an effective team.
HS.HS.6.4.f - Demonstrate various forms of professional communication.
HS.HS.7.2.c - Explain social health issues & the impact of the issues on society.




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